Today's customers don't want to waste time. They want a seamless technology driven presentation customized for their driving habits. Axis is the newest addition to the MenuMetric family of products. This F&I management platform will revolutionize your sales process and provide you with the information to create the best presentations. The first of its kind, this semi-autonomous system imports, rates, and prepares your menu presentations automatically without any F&I manager input. Bolster product value with dynamic charts, images, and graphs while presenting products. Schedule your personal demo today to see how your dealership could benefit with MenuMetric!

Genius Simplicity

Axis enables your customers to interact directly with a customized presentation. With the tap of a finger, or the click of a mouse; your customers can add/remove products, change coverage options, and view interactive videos and charts. Your customers see how each option effects their payment, and if the coverage option is right for them.

Perfect Scalability

Axis will adapt perfectly on most computers, tablets, and televisions for a more immersive customer experience. Use multiple devices at once to showcase the value of every product with more detail than ever before. When you need to take your presentation on the go; grab a tablet, and load your deal for a completely mobile presentation.

Simplified Analytics

Axis is built upon a robust cloud-based platform that allows you to drill down to the finest details of a sale. Discover strong areas of your presentation and areas to improve. Keep track of your progress with key metrics featured on your dashboard, and you will always know what your goals are and how close you are to achieving them.

Maximized Opportunity

Axis comes standard with powerful features that allow you to connect with your customers where they are. With eSale, simply select your products, enter customers email and phone, and they will receive a personalized portal where they can choose terms, products, and finalize their contracts. Never miss another opportunity to present your products.