Eos offers dealers the power of a menu presentation paired with real-time metrics! Create unlimited customized menus, eRating and eContracting with over 130 popular product vendors. F&I managers who use MenuMetric save an average of 15 minutes during each sale with perfected presentations and one-click sale logging. F&I managers can generate real-time reports and discover new opportunities to increase PVR and F&I product gross. Schedule your personal demo today to see how your dealership could benefit with MenuMetric!


The ability to quickly and easily deliver your message is critical today. We've created a science of presenting our mission - offering the most effective presentations available. Our revolutionary menu presentations and sale processes push your PVR higher while reducing the time your F&I managers spend on each sale! Our dealers average $1,306 on every deal made with our innovative menu presentation. Are you maximizing your profits on every sale? Click Here to find more information about how to maximize your PVR with MenuMetric.


You can’t manage what you don't measure. Dealers who measure and manage their analytics will always out-perform dealers who do not. The simplicity of MenuMetric reports allows you to show all dealership staff from F&I managers to dealership general managers how to run reports and how to use them. This means better performance and communicaton for your entire dealership. Click Here to find out more about how to find new opportunities in your dealership.


Financial and legal regulations continue to change with time. MenuMetric enables you and your F&I managers to remain complaint with all legal regulations today and in the future. Our team continually reviews the legal landscape and makes necessary changes to ensure that every dealer and agent using the MenuMetric system remains compliant. Click Here to find more information about how MenuMetric can keep your dealership compliant.


MenuMetric is leading the progression of eContracting in the automotive industry. The use of MenuMetric eContracting improves F&I up-sell opportunities, CSI scores, and reduces contracts kick-backs. We integrate with over 130 popular aftermarket vendors. eContracting gives your finance managers more time to devote to an increasing number of customers. Dealers who already use eContracting have found they have better cash flow control and reduced errors - resulting in less risk. Click Here to find how much time your dealership can save by switching to eContracting with MenuMetric.