A menu that can be sent to your customers to conduct business outside the dealership! Email or text your customer a dynamic, customized menu that they can view on their computer, tablet, or smartphone from wherever they are. It's a menu... mobilized!

Already know what you want to sell your customer? So does MenuMetric! MenuSelect uses a proprietary A.I. based algorithm to automatically select the right options for every product based on your habits in MenuMetric.
The system learns from what you do and changes over time to help automate your selections and speed up the menu building process.

Add digital presentations to your menus! Choose from MenuMetric’s library of presentations or add your own presentations quickly and easily!

Time Saver
Profile is a digital interview tool to quickly and easily assess your customer's needs. It's easy for your customer to do on their own and is complete by the time they get to the finance office.
Setup the Profile questions in a matter of seconds, then simply bring it up on a tablet, or send it directly to your customer via email or text.

Compliance is at the forefront of your business. MenuMetric has built-in features to help ensure your dealership remains compliant 100% of the time. Present every product to every customer, sign sale waivers, and attain full disclosure to remain compliant in an ever-shifting legal environment.


Get product contracts signed on the go with MenuMetric's MenuSign feature. Email or text your customer a secure link that will allow them to review and sign contracts from wherever they are.


MenuMetric is integrated with a wide variety of DMSs, saving you time in the Business Office by eliminating double data entry. Click below to see if we can pull sale data from your DMS.

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