To know where you’re going, you need to know where you’ve been. MenuMetric provides real-time, cloud-based reporting designed to help you find opportunities in your store.


Our suite of reports allows you to thoroughly track your business at all levels. With over 15 standard reports, we help your dealership track essential numbers like PVR, products-per, penetration rates, reserve deviation, and many more.

Variety Of Reports

Dealers who measure and manage their analytics will always outperform dealers who do not. The simplicity of MenuMetric reports allows you to show all dealership staff how to run reports and how to use them. This means better performance and communication for your entire dealership.

Agent Level Reports

Review all business in one place with MenuMetric! Track your monthly numbers, find areas of opportunity, and increase your sales with our built-in reports. We make it easy for you to access numbers from multiple dealerships quickly and easily.

Variety Of Reports
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"[MenuMetric] is a pleasure to deal with – always reply quickly and willing to fix or add features/etc as needed – much appreciated. Our penetration is up already since using MenuMetric!"

Business Manager
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