At MenuMetric, we are dedicated to providing the best dealership F&I management software and support! That means providing industry-leading features with no hidden add-on or upgrade fees! We only offer one system... the best system, and we stand behind it with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Set Up
The MenuMetric Team will work to make all connections, set up your account to your specifications, and test all third-party rating and contracting.
MenuMetric offers personalized, one-on-one training for all system users. Coordinate with the MenuMetric Training Team to schedule your initial training session. Our team will also provide a follow-up session and new employee training for as long as you use MenuMetric.
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"MenuMetric has always gone above and beyond to make sure that the dealer and agents are taken care of and satisfied. I honestly cannot think of another vendor/company I work with that provides the level of competent care, commitment and satisfaction that they have done. And for that, I am deeply grateful."

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