MenuMetric offers the best single source for all of your rating needs. Connect to hundreds of product providers under one platform. With MenuMetric you will always have quick access to accurate rates for all of your products. Never make a costly pricing error again.

Our MenuSelect feature can automatically select the right rate options for every product based on your habits in MenuMetric. Find out how!

MenuMetric is leading the progression of eContracting by improving F&I up-sell opportunities, CSI scores, and reducing contract kick-backs. We integrate with over 200 popular aftermarket vendors, and dealers who already use eContracting have found they have a better cash flow control and reduced errors - resulting in less risk.


Electronically sign product contracts using any of our three methods: ePad or Topaz signature pads, on an iPad, tablet, or touch-screen, or email/text to your customers' personal device.

Connected Vendors

Connect to the largest provider network in the industry! MenuMetric has 200+ provider connections for real-time rating and contracting. See if we connect with your providers.

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